Crowdfunding to Ensure Clean Drinking Water Supply to All

Clean drinking water is a privilege in India. If you are one of those neighbourhoods which have clean water from your municipal corporations, congratulations! If you do not have clean drinking water, I have to inform you that you are exposed to a number of water borne diseases. This includes various strains of hepatitis, typhoid, cholera etc. Arsenic poisoning is a major issue with drinking water in many areas. Even a few days ago, large areas of southern Kolkata fell victim to drinking water contamination and this resulted in hundreds of people falling sick. If this can happen in one of the metros imagine what can happen in the more remote areas. Today, we are going to ponder a little on how fundraising india can help these people.

Let me tell you a story. In 2017, a group of young disaster relief workers from Kolkata were involved in flood relief work in northern Bengal. They found an entire village stranded, without access to clean drinking water. They were drinking the flood water raw or after boiling (those who still had fuel). Snakes were roaming in the same floodwater which was also giving them skin infections. This is a tiny example of how the clean drinking water problem is linked to various other problems of the environment.

What can fundraising india do in such cases? The most obvious solution is to help those in need of clean drinking water. But this will not happen in a day. It will happen as a project with like-minded people who want to come together and make a change. A short term solution is of course to arrange for safe drinking water to be bought from a different location.

Safe and clean drinking water is a person’s right. The rich will often purify their water or use machines to do that. The poor on the other hand, lack access to filters and water purifiers. And they should not suffer for this situation, you will agree. If you are someone who wants to make some positive change in this area, welcome to online fundraising india! Now do visit Impact Guru, a website which has raised 600 crores so far for social causes. You are in the right place. Impact Guru has the right connections required to finance a project as large as this. Medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding is kind of their thing.

Once you have visited their website, you can start a fundraiser there. It just takes five minutes and it is completely hassle free. After you have done this, our project manager will get in touch with you. Together you can figure out your goals. Remember that this is a project which will change infrastructure at the very least. Crowdfunding is a boon to all those people who wants to change the lives of many. Indeed, much can be done through crowdfunding in India. You just need the soul to want to change life for the better.