Top 7 Tips to Establish a Strong Market Presence in Singapore

inbound marketing techniques
inbound marketing techniques

Presently, Singapore is the most sought-after business destination, globally. Entrepreneurs, all over the world, are converging towards Singapore, for leveraging the multi-benefits of operating in the market of Singapore. With the huge number of businesses being established in Singapore, the competition is growing tougher every day. So, it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to know how to establish their strong presence in the market. Let us have a look, at some tips, to help you build your brand and mark the presence in the crowded market of Singapore.

  1. Get acquainted with Singapore market trends – No business can thrive for success without understanding the market trends. If you are a foreign company trying to establish yourself in Singapore, it becomes more important for you to understand the local market trends. You can take help of local market experts to understand the functioning of the Singapore market. The marketing strategy that worked back in your home country may not be as effective in the market of Singapore. So, be sure to understand the intricacies before jumping heads on in the market of Singapore.
  1. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades – The most common mistake done by entrepreneurs is that they try to do everything on their own. When you as an entrepreneur trying to do everything by yourself, you divide your attention in multiple fragments. The result of this divided attention is that you don’t do anything with perfection and the business suffers. Keep in mind that a single person can never be an expert in accounting, marketing, and all other stuff related to business. You need to outsource expert help for the works you are not master at and focus on the task that you can do the best. As for example you can hire for many of your business needs and rest assured for the proper functioning of your business.
  1. Choose a narrow target – Choosing a wide range target audience or not having target audience is an equally common mistake as trying to do everything by yourself. When you are targeting everybody, you are actually not targeting anyone. You need to have a well defined narrow target. All your advertising campaigns and marketing efforts should be targeted towards the narrow audience. Once you succeed in establishing yourself firmly among your narrow target audience you can gradually widen your target base. Think very carefully while deciding your narrow target audience.
  2. Be a generous collaborator – You already know that the market of Singapore is very crowded and the crowd is getting denser every day. Use this crowd of the market for your benefits. Look beyond your industry and shake hands with complementary businesses with the strong customer base. And, do it before your competitors do! If one of your competitors enters into a collaborative relationship with a complementary business with the strong customer base, you’ll lose the chance to do so. Develop as many collaborative relations as you can.
  3. Don’t shy away from business associations – Seeing a large number of business associations and chambers of commerce in Singapore, we can say that the market of Singapore believes in the principle of shared knowledge and business opportunities. Choose associations that resonate with your business industry and participate actively. You can get some good business friends and learn from their experiences.
  1. Focus on the inbound marketing techniques – With the literacy rate of more than 97%, almost the entire consumer market in Singapore is educated. You cannot use the conventional methods of marketing to push the educated customers in buying your product or services. So, don’t waste your money on outbound marketing strategies. Focus on educating the customers about your industry and leave it on their own fair judgment to choose you. When you use the tools of inbound marketing effectively, you can expect the educated consumer market of Singapore, to recognize you as a brand.
  1. Be a good corporate citizen – Being educated the consumer market of Singapore expects the businesses to be more than mere sellers of their products and services. Most of the Singaporeans believe that every business should fulfill their responsibility towards the society by being a good corporate citizen. So, in addition to the digital marketing, you’ll need to practice the art of soft selling i.e. being involved in charitable purposes. When you give something to the society you gain a respect among its citizen and eventually earn loyal customers. Start sponsoring charitable events now to earn recognition in Singapore market.

Hope to see your brand name shining in the Singapore market soon!