Ethereum Wallets and How to Use Them

Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum is still rather new and has a much smaller database than Bitcoin. The top Ether exchange is Kraken since it has the better volume and reputation in the Bitcoin/Ether, EUR/Ether and USD/Ether pairs. These Ether wallet selections are rather limited, although it does have a passionate user base that has already developed a few decent wallet options.

Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum Wallet is a desktop wallet. The Ethereum Wallet has combined with Shape Shift; that makes it possible and much easier to receive Bitcoin as well as other alt-coin payments right to your Ethereum Wallet as ether.

Command line 

Geth is an interface command line for sending, receiving, using, and creating contracts with, Ethereum. Geth is a good selection for programmers, but not a very good option for users in search of an easy-to-use wallet.


‘MyEtherWallet’ is a JavaScript ether wallet that is client-side. ‘MyEtherWallet’ makes it much easier to generate secure wallets without any command line or the need to run on your computer an Ethereum client. By letting MyEtherWallet run on another computer offline you can generate secure wallets for your ether holdings.

Chrome extension

MyEtherWallet has a beta extension for Chrome that adds a much better user interface for receiving and receiving contacts.

Decentralized platform

Ethereum is a platform that is decentralized that runs so called smart contracts: apps that run exactly as programmed without any probability of:

  • Downtime
  • Fraud
  • Censorship
  • 3rd party interference 


These apps run on a blockchain custom built, an extremely commanding shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property. This enables designers to create registries, markets, store of debts or promises, moving funds in harmony with orders given back in the past (like a futures contract) and many other things that have not been yet invented, all without a counterparty risk or risk of a middle person.


The entire project was ‘bootstrapped’ by ether pre-sale in August 2014 by fans all around the world. It is recognized by the Ethereum Foundation, a nonprofit Swiss company, with donations from great minds around the world.