Everyone should wear an ID card, here’s why

There are plenty of people who think that wearing ID cards is something outdated, something boring and unnecessary. This is completely false, and not only it is false, but it is also a statement that could lead people to think safety measures are bothersome which could lead to security failures and possibly dangerous situations.

Companies develop safety measures to protect their employees and their assets and infrastructure. These measures have to be followed strictly so that no one related to the company is at risk. They may include wearing uniforms, entering special doors, changing codes and passwords every few days and wearing identification cards.

Who must wear ID cards?

Every employee must wear an ID card. This is something basic; every employee has to be easily recognizable as part of the company. It is a matter of representing the company and also of being represented. Employees have to wear their cards at all times, even if they leave the premises and start working on the building.

When messengers, delivery personnel, and drivers start doing their job, they are often involved in working outside the building. They have to carry their Id all the time because other people have to be able to tell where they work and who do they work for.

What an ID card must have

There are several pieces of information a good ID card must display. The options in color and design may vary in infinite ways, but there are certain essentials, such as clear first name and last name, good picture, job position, and area or department. These elements cannot be missed since they provide basic information about the employee.

What’s a good picture?

Pictures in ID cards have caused some controversy. Everybody wants to look good, that is for sure. A good picture, however, should be a clear representation of how this person looks, even if this means showing flaws and imperfections.

The background of a good picture for ID card can be white or solid blue. This allows the person to be contrasted so that the outline is clear and no shadows are visible. People of have that aspect covered and can fully explain the requirement of good pictures. The employee must face the camera directly, no hats, glasses of sunglasses. Some people also prefer to have a neutral face and not to smiley.

There’s more than meets the eye

Some companies have decided to use their employee’s ID card to hold extra information. Chips, QR codes, barcodes and magnetic bands can be used to add extra information to the ID cards. This information can be useful if the company offers benefits to employees; the data of the benefits received can be held in the card and can be retrieved just by scanning it. These benefits can include some food services in the cafeteria, a gym pass, bonus earned by extra hours that can be redeemed in the company’s special offers.

Does the design matter?

It does. Why? Because according to the type of company, you would expect to find a certain type of ID cards. For example, a company that works exclusively with children’s toys could have bright colored IDs with funny shapes. This is a genuine touch each company can add. On the other hand, a company that offers funerary and memorial services need to have a sober and neutral card that does not catch anybody’s attention since their clients are often in a more sensitive emotional state.

ID cards are not boring. They are one of the safety measures an institution gives to their employees and should be treated with the same respect as any other measure. Every step taken to protect employees and also to protect the integrity of the company has to be taken seriously.

Besides this, the information contained in an ID card can help the company bring benefits to employees; these are some of the reasons why every member of a company’s staff has to wear their ID card and lanyard. Having it in a visible spot is much easier than in a pocket or wallet that would need to be shown at every door and entrance.