Finance Rims at So Your Auto Will Keep on Rolling surpasses its competition with its 92 brands, vendors who are loyal, and exclusivity of it brand. Finding just the exact style of the rim to exactly fit a vehicle involves a container full of software and of course, a vast inventory of rims.There can be thousands of wheels that fit is a possibility, there is not any room for guess-work in this area. That is where is a life saver.

Wheel Configurator

The extraordinary Wheel Configurator comes in to help in this area. With this software, rim plus-sizing guide and the custom rim designers allowing for limitless possibilities when looking for a particular rim. has 11 warehouses packed with the new stylish customer rims. has over 4000 different styles of rims and is clearly the frontrunner in the industry of rim financing. has brands for both value and style, which allows their customers to finance the most cutting edge rim styles on a budget. They are the forward thinkers to Finance Your Rims

New concept

The auto iConfigurator is a very new notion for wheel sizes and is not completely finished. While your auto might not be in the iConfigurator yet, this doesn’t mean that this company does not have wheels for your type of vehicle.

Apply online

You can apply online which is free and secure. There is no obligation. And you will get the following:

  • Free price quotes
  • Free expert help
  • Free custom fits
  • Free lug ad lock kit

There are also a variety of electronic equipment that you can pick and add to the financing package for your wheels and rims.

Wheel care

If you are thinking about all the time it will take to care for your wheels, you are in for a surprise. When the wheels are maintained correctly it might not be as hard of a job as you think. Of course, local climate and road maintenance will also affect the care needed as well as the life span of a wheel finish. In harsher climates, Redi Credit suggests that you retain the original equipment wheels for optional use as wintertime equipment.