Important things to know about the Xero Cloud Accounting Advisor

Finance is an important part of any company. It is especially crucial for a start-up as they are often short on a budget. They cannot possibly hire the best accountant to do their job. So, a company called K Cloud Accounting have introduced an online accounting solution for these companies. The Xero cloud accounting advisor Singapore helps start-ups get most out of the software. It is based on different price points to help the company manage their finances. So, let us see some of the things that Xero has in stores for its clients.

Features of the Xero cloud accounting advisor of Singapore:

  • The company has set up different plans based on the number of transactions that a company has per month. The lowest plan starts at just S$150 and caters to companies having less than 25 transactions a month.
  • The company takes care of things like annual bookkeeping, tax filing, submission of annual returns, etc. They help the company in a law-abiding way and does everything that is necessary for a company.
  • The software is one of the most innovative cloud software that one can ask for. It makes accounting easy for even a novice. It has a clean dashboard which has everything that one may need. The software is smartphone compatible for users of iPhone and Android.
  • The whole team can access the account. The files can be submitted online for a quick review. The reports can be gained as soon as the advisors are finished with them. Online accounting is revolutionary as no one will need to spend hours on doing finances. Invoices and transactions are also made easy with the service. No one will need any prior knowledge of accounting or the financial world. The company will be able to talk to the advisors to take the financial guidance that they need.
  • The companies are charged on a monthly basis and in the starting of the month. Choose the category of your company, and you can breathe quite easily about your finances.

So, Xero is an innovative thought that the founders have made a reality. They look forward to working with many start-ups in Singapore. They know that finances can be hard for some people. So, they have included three of the best-known accountants into their team. Any company that uses them will get one the best possible accounting advise available in the country.