Larson & Holz – we earn with the company

It’s no secret that any brokerage company that can offer its customers the best conditions for trading is considered a rating. And plus to this, adding new services, receives an influx of customers. Choosing the brokerage company Larson&Holz from the rating, we will consider what makes it in the brokerage environment competitive.

The main factor that distinguishes this company from the entire list is the offer of high-tech options. The motto of the company is the best for the client. Any service that is presented on the official website of the company Larson&Holz, has been carefully worked out. Otherwise, the company simply could not survive in the fierce competition. According to the company’s employees, before the development of a new service, the marketing department is guided by the opinion of customers. If the idea is supported by the majority, the department begins to develop the details of the service. But if the prospective service does not meet customer support, it should not be entered, since the forces and time will be wasted. Needless to say, a lot of customers, that means a lot of opinions. In principle, the averaged version of the new service serves as a guide. If the need for it grows, why not create it.

The company Larson&Holz is trying to adhere to innovative solutions, soon will be opened crypt version of the broker LH-crypto, where all calculations will be conducted in crypto-currencies, which is very important now. The better the functionality of the product created by the company, the better it will affect the company’s traders. It is clear that no one wants to work with obsolete tools. But if the tools are constantly updated, and even more so, if their number grows, any client will be satisfied. And if the customer is satisfied, then the company will prosper. Agree, brokerage company without customers, this is not a company. The only exception is brokerage companies with pronounced fraudulent actions.

Any broker, if he is honest, tries to work for a positive result. If the result is not achieved, the broker simply ceases to exist. Crisis, a vivid example of this. Low-end offices disappeared first. Companies of medium quality, noticeably sagged in the indicators, but somehow got out. Well, those companies that used advanced technologies in their work, and the developed plan of action, not only survived, but also significantly added points to their piggy bank. The company Larson&Holz not only did not sink in times of crisis, but also tried to introduce new options and additions to existing ones. This characterizes the company as a reliable Forex broker, who tries with dignity to get out of any situation. Even despite the crisis, which raged at that time, the company tried to find the optimal point that would suit both customers and the company itself. Employees of the company Larson&Holz recognize that only the joint work of clients and employees allows you to survive any brokerage company. Any innovation is designed for the purpose of the company’s traders, and primarily designed to ensure that any trader, even a beginner, could show the trade in optimal results. We knowingly mentioned the beginning traders. The company Larson&Holz tried to create for the newcomers not just high-quality services, but services that would help them master this complex world of trading. First, the company has developed training courses for any group of traders. If a trader is a beginner, training courses will help to master the initial stage of trading. If a trader has already worked in financial markets, you can take courses with a bias toward the fundamental factors of the market. And this, as you know, is the basis of all the foundations. If the trader is more advanced, the training courses will help to master the advanced algorithms used on financial sites. The company Larson&Holz has thought over everything to the smallest detail. If a trader can not attend training courses because the head office is far away, you can visit the nearest partner center. And already in the center to pass this or that course. Trained in the market are professional professionals who used to be traders.

Technical support of the company Larson&Holz is really on top. Maybe someone will say the opposite, but as a test several times the request was made. A few minutes later the answer was received. Therefore, all the talk about the tacit support can be safely called insolvent. Sometimes there are cases when the communication lines are overloaded. But it is necessary to understand, it is impossible to attach to each trader an employee who would answer his questions every ten minutes.

As for the loyalty program, it is impossible to reproach the company for using gray schemes. Customers, in the first place, periodically receive preferences from the company. And some preferences operate on an ongoing basis. It’s kind of a privilege. So, to permanent benefits is the accrual of interest on the deposit of a trading account. Maybe it’s amazing, but true. The company Larson&Holz charges 10% per annum. In principle, this scheme is similar to a bank deposit, with the only difference being that the interest is more than in a bank, and the currency is quite different. The bank deposit opens in rubles, and here in dollars. In addition, some trading plans allow you to trade without accruing swaps. That is, a zero swap. For those who prefer short periods, this function is kind of useless. But positional traders who work as investors, this is much more important. An investor can hold a position for weeks. Naturally, swaps make it very difficult to get the best profit. But if there are no swaps, the investor can count on the full potential of the position. Equally important is the reduction in the commission for one trade lot. The company Larson&Holz has reduced the level of commission to one dollar. Now those who trade in large volumes receive substantial savings as a result. In your piggy bank, of course. It can be seen that the company works for the benefit of its customers.