Reasons why print is here to stay

In the world of hard drives and memory cards, we don’t miss out on prints. There is still a requirement of for the printers, and the evidences are seen every day. It is true that soft copies of images can also be stored and people are more inclined to videos nowadays. However, print is here to stay and the reasons are given below.

  1. Memorable

We tend to not forget things we strongly feel for. Prints are one such element that associates with you like a memory. Just as special as a photograph might be to you, its print will also touch your heart. The smell, the feel, the look, brings back nostalgia as its best. Prints can evoke powerful emotions.

  1. Print is engaging

Print engages our mind like it engages our senses. We use the internet to find answers to almost all things we think of, but where do we turn to when we need to answer the questions the world asks us? Print helps us understand and finds answers for us. When you read a textbook or a newspaper, it gives you various types of content to ask many questions and somewhere we get answers within them.

  1. Print is personal

No matter how intangible our emotions are, sometimes tangibility also helps us get better with that. You can design a video for your partner’s birthday. However, making an album that has pictures of the times you have spent will give her a different feeling. This aspect makes prints much more personable.

  1. Print is creative

The creativity that we spread online is limitless, but that doesn’t shorten the scope for craft. You can always make great use of print by going creative. You don’t just need to use prints for school projects or for work, but you can make more use of them just creating interior décor, napkins, pillow cases, and more.

  1. No digital hindrance

Many people nowadays like to unplug themselves because it is stressing our lives. You’re reading this blog right now, but you know that there are times when you don’t want to glue to your gadgets. Print cuts down on the digital noises and gives you satisfaction that’s not just limited to social media.

  1. Sticking to the roots

Kindle might be everyone’s go-to gadget for reading and learning. However, it can never replace the joy of reading books. Similarly, prints have their own essence and they remain no matter how much technology takes over. We all have images of our childhood stored in big photo albums. Some of them might have been taken on old cameras and printed later. Even Polaroid has become a common demand now because print is still in.

Here are some of the common reasons that will make prints stick through in the digital world. You might be able to add some of your own interests and ways that make prints useful for you. Make sure you keep printing quality and maintain creativity.