Why Rolex Watches Are Valuable to Pawnbrokers?

A pawnbroker loan works on a very simple premise: money is lent to a customer who provides a piece of collateral (such as jewelry, antiques, appliances, vehicles, etc.). The valuation of these items tends to be on the conservative end, in order to protect the pawnbroker in case the borrower defaults on the loan. The collateral can be anything really, but in this article, we are focusing on why pawning your Rolex watches is a great idea.

Flaunted on the wrists of the rich and famous, Rolex watches are a symbol of luxurious craftsmanship. As the leading pawnbroker in the UK, you can bet that we have seen our fair share of these masterpieces in the last few years.

So what sets Rolex apart from other pieces of collateral?

Rolex technology is known as a remarkable leader because their brand exploits advancement from the next generation and this keeps their watches completely out of minutes. During the production of these masterpieces, Rolex’s craftsmen use expensive and rugged stainless steel machines that offer ultra-luxurious aesthetics. Thanks to the existence of its own scientific laboratory, the company is able to develop new innovations that hold it at the forefront of high-end watches. With all movements hand-picked and individually tested, every watch that leaves the Rolex laboratory is impeccable.

Walking into a pawnshop and seeing Rolex Watches on display is actually a normal thing. Pawn shops love these watches because they retain most of their retail value. Rolex watches are always in demand because they maintain their value well, therefore getting a loan with your Rolex watch is an amazing option if you need cash.

This means that when you pawn a Green Rolex watch, you have the advantage because you won’t really lose much of the original price paid when you purchased it. Rolex watches are always in demand, so a pawnbroker will loan almost the value of the watch to you. Only in very rare cases would a pawnbroker not allow you pawn a Rolex watch.

Although there are really some pawn brokers that do not deal with jewelry, you won’t have much of a problem getting money for your Rolex watch at a pawn shop today, literally. You can walk into one now and get the money right away. However, make sure you visit a reputable pawnbroker service like Hopkins and Jones whenever you want to pawn your Rolex watch. ​We are the best pawnbroker in the UK.

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